Friday, December 10, 2010

CaMpInG iN tHe BaCkYaRd

We had a really busy summer and with Jason's new job, we just couldn't find the time to get away to go camping, so we decided to camp in the backyard. The kids loved it and we made smores and watched a movie in the tent. Great memory!

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July. My mom and Stan, Jason's parents, Dee, Ken, Maddie and Sammie and the Gillingwater's all came over to celebrate with us. We can see the fireworks from our house that are at Lodi Lake. What a fun day we had! The kids looked so festive too.

Lexie's Ballet Recital

Jason Turns 36!

We went to lunch and then went bowling to celebrate Jason turning 36! We had such a fun day!

View from the restaurant we ate at.
The Birthday Boy!
Best buddies. He loves his dad.

Just having some fun pictures!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On May 31st Kaitlyn turned 14!!!

I seriously don't know where the time goes!? She really can't be 14? Can she? It really doesn't seem possible. We had a fun day celebrating Kaitlyn. We went shopping, went to dinner, opened presents and ate cake. We didn't have a party for her this year because some family was out of town and her Nana and Grandma took her birthday shopping the week before her birthday already. She had a lot of fun spending time with just them. Nana got her a comforter, sheets and a new curtain for her new bedroom. Grandma took her shopping for clothes and bought her some cute things to wear. Overall, I think she had a great day! My little girl isn't little anymore. She is wearing makeup now and will soon be a freshman. Really sad! I am so not ready for what is yet to come. Still she will be off and out of the house in a couple of years. Wow! She is such a talented young lady and we are so thankful for the music she brings into our lives each and everyday.

We got her this blanket to match her room. This blanket is SO soft. She loved it.
We went to Chevy's in Sacramento for dinner. It was so yummy.
Kate and her silly faces!
Hummm.....I wonder where Kate gets her faces from? This would of been a nice picture because Dillon has such a great smile.
Now that's a nice face! :)
See, not such a great smile on Dillon as the last picture, but it's still an nice picture.
Strike a pose!
Lots of chocolate! Yummm...
She wanted a chocolate cake and boy did she get one.
Make a wish!
Brother and sister waiting for their cake.

Dillon's 1st year of Basketball

This was Dillon's 1st year of basketball and boy did he love it. He had a great coach too. Too bad a lot of the games were on Sunday. Who knew? It's a city league and they have games on Sunday?? Anyways, Dillon really loved playing and he did so well. They won 2 of the 6 games they played, but it's o.k. because they really did have an awesome team. He had such nice boys on his team and 1 girl. Thank goodness for her. She was awesome.

Get him Dillon!!
Lexie gets bored at Dillon's games and she would bring this along to draw on. This is Dillon playing basketball. So cute!
Lexie's family. :)

Kaitlyn's Choir Concert May 2010

Thank you family that came and saw Kate preform with the choir. As you know, she loves doing this. She will be doing it again for the Christmas program. She is looking forward to it. This is her new choir dress. I loved it!!
This is the final song they sang together as a whole choir. The oldest with the youngest. Sadly the choir is getting smaller and smaller, I think due to the economy. Choir cost a lot of money, but so worth it. She loves it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love you new house!!

My new house!! I'm love this house more than you know. I'm so thankful to live here. We love everything about this house. 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and 3 car garage. My dream home!

My pretty front door.
The side view and back of the house. I love all the trees and the windows on the house.
This is the living room. View from the kitchen. We love this area. This is where we hang out the most. It's so nice to make dinner and have all of us in the same room. We have a fireplace too that I can't wait to use this winter. A lot of light was coming in through the window, so this picture is kind of dark, but I love the light.
I could go on and on about how much in love I am with this kitchen. I won't, but I am so thankful for it, more than you know. Lets just say, my last kitchen was half this size, didn't have a dishwasher, no garbage disposal, less counter space and my last kitchen was like 35 years older. I love you kitchen.
We eat breakfast and lunch at this table. I LOVE this table. I just got it at IKEA and it is the best. It is so quick to just eat here and not worry about eating at the dining room table. Especially when school starts, we can just leave the school stuff at the dining room table and then eat at this table, instead of cleaning up our school mess, eating and then getting the school mess out again. This is going to be such a lifesaver when school starts. We can all eat at this table.
Dining Room. I love the windows in this house. It just lets in so much light. It makes the day feel even happier. Once school starts, this is going to be where we spend a lot of our day.
Looking up at the staircase upstairs into the hallway. I love the color of the walls.
In the piano room looking at the staircase. I love the staircase. I love that when you walk in and it's the 1st thing you see. Great focal point.
Piano Room. I love listening to Kate play the piano in this room. So this is why we call it the "Piano Room."
Lexie's Room. This room is so cute. She loves having her own room. It is so nice to have just her toys in there and not have the girls sharing a room anymore.

Kate's Room -For Kate's bday, my mom bought her this comforter & curtain. It is so cute. She loves having her own room.

Kid's Bathroom
This is the view looking downstairs into the piano room. I've always just wanted a piano room.